All information needed to answer discussion questions comes from your Chapter 9 text book readings and Chapter 9 power points ( attached below) . Do not consult outside resources other than your text book or supplied videos to answer these questions. Answers must be atleast 200 words long and should come from the information presented in the text book readings and then your interpretation/integration of that information to receive credit. If, after you have posted your initial response, you would like to look up additional information from another source and use that information in a response to another student’s post, that is allowed.

Option A

Read Case Incident 1: Tongue-Tied in Teams which is attached below. Respond to the following questions:

  • Recall a time when you may have failed to speak up during a group meeting.
    • What were the reasons for your silence? (up to 0.7 points)
    • Are they similar or different from the reasons discussed in this case? (up to 0.7 points)
  • In your opinion, what are some strategies you can think of that may help the tongue-tied? (up to 0.8 points)
  • Imagine you are leading a team meeting and you notice that a couple of team members are not contributing. In your opinion, what specific steps might you take to try to increase their contributions? (up to 0.8 points)
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