Learning Activity 1 – Due on 8/20/15 before 11pm


Theme 1

Who is the 21stCentury Manager? What are the characteristics of a good 21stcentury manager? What is the role of the manager in the 21stcentury organization? A manager is a person who is able to achieve organizational goals/purpose by working with and through people along with other organizational resources. The 21stcentury manager is a person who organizes, executes, and plans the process and production of an organization. The role of the manager traditionally has been the person who has set short term goals for the organization to execute and perform tasks that include the process, procedure, and production of the organization’s purpose or vision. The modern role of the manager has developed to include the role of facilitator in the way the manager accomplishes these tasks.

A New Role for Management in Today’s Post-Industrial Organization

7 Traits to Turn Good Managers Into Great Managers

25 Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Manager

What Is A Manager?

LA1 – Complete the Learning Activity Assignment – (500 word essay or 3-7 mini paragraphs include apa references)

After reading your materials for this week think of a manager that you have worked with or currently work with who you would define as a good manager. If you have none use the internet to find one. Supported by at least three of our class resources define why this person is a good manager. Be sure to include in your post the definition of a manager. What characteristics makes the person you selected “good”?  CAREFUL: MAKE SURE YOU ARE DESCRIBING A MANAGER NOT A LEADER!!

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