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Research paper in APA Format

It is your task to now add the “content” to the outline for the Information Governance Plan/Program. That is you are to prepare an Information Governance Policy/Program for INSURANCE ASSURANCE OF THE SOUTH, for the line of insurance that you either selected or were assigned for Phase II.. All IG policies or programs are somewhat different and unique to the industry and to the organization. Here, your IG program will be unique to the line of insurance that you covered. There are a number of sample Information Governance Policy/Program templates and samples on the internet. Attached to the end of this document is just one sample Information Governance Framework template that was copied verbatim from the website This framework gives you an idea

of the minimum items that might be included generally in an IG Plan. Please take into consideration that it may not be complete for your company and line of insurance you chose to focus on. I have downloaded and saved for your review in the CONTENT section, subdirectory on SEMESTER PROJECT¸ subfolder SAMPLE IG PLANS a few samples from the internet. You may review them for a flavor of how different IG Plans may be for organizations in the same industry, and even for companies managed by the same organization. Also, please feel free to browse the internet to get a flavor for what an actual IG Policy/Program might look like. Also, take into consideration the recommendations of the organizations, associations, affiliates and accrediting agencies that you identified in Phase I that govern or provide oversight to the insurance industry. Or, if you desire, you may use the template attached to the end of this document as an outline for how you might choose to format your IG Policy/Program for the line of insurance you decided to focus on for Phase II of your project, but remember you will need to make modifications that will make it best suited for the insurance industry and specifically for IAS, and the line of insurance coverage that you have been assigned or chose. It is certainly not a requirement that you use either the attached sample as a guideline for formatting your own IG Policy/Program, or that you use anything that you may find on the internet prepared by the insurance industry organizations, affiliates or oversight bodies. You may design your own format for an IG Policy/Program for IAS that is far superior to anything that you find online. If that is the case, then use your own model! It makes no difference how you arrived at the final format you use for the IG Policy/Plan/Program that you submit, as long as you give credit to all source(s), that you looked to in formulating or designing your IG Plan or any portion of your plan. The sample at the end of this document is merely attached for your convenience as one example of the minimum type of information that might be contained in your IG policy/program. Do as much research from all sources you have access to or can locate to determine how you want to format your own IG Policy/program, and the types of things you will include. If you decide to use the attached sample, or anything you find on the internet, you are required to customize either to meet the distinct characteristics and needs of IAS and to add the detail required. Please know, this assignment DOES NOT consist of submitting an outline for IAS. This assignment is to submit “THE” Information Governance Plan for IAS, complete with detail.

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