Please write an essay in response to this assignment:

Chuck is walking to work on the sidewalk next to a road. A truck owned by Destination Transport Company (DTC) comes up onto the sidewalk, hitting and injuring Chuck. His injuries result in more than $500,000 in medical expenses. Chuck is a resident of New Hampshire, where the accident occurred. DTC has its principal place of business in Vermont and is incorporated in that state. In what court may Chuck sue DTC?

Your essay should be of about 500 words, laid out in paragraphs of about 100 words each divided into about 5 -7 sentences.

Introdction – 1 paragraph

Main Section – 1-3 paragraphs

Conclusion – 1 paragraph

Sources – List

Do not forget to cite the URLs of information you included in your writing and to cite any printed material you include in your essay

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