Essay Two: Watters and Serano

Rough Draft Due:

Final Draft Due:

Format and Requirements: 4-5 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman font, 1-inch margins, no cover page

In her essay “Why Nice Guys Finish Last,” Julia Serano addresses the ways that our cultural mindsets shape our expectations for male and female sexuality, and the problems these mindsets create. Serano argues that the “predator/prey mindset” has negative effects on both men and women, helping to create a rape culture where sexual violence and intimidation of women by men is normalized. In this context, women expect and are expected to be treated as sexual objects, and men expect and are expected to be sexual aggressors. Serano argues that such mindsets obviously harm women, who are subject to the majority of sexual violence, but they also harm men, favoring “assholes” who play into stereotypes of sexual aggression over “nice guys” who attempt to resist them.

Assignment Objectives:

Write an essay that proposes strategies for changing our mindsets around gender norms. Consider what it might take for us to change our mindsets around gender norms and get past gender binaries of active/passive and predator/prey that have been ingrained in our culture. Apply your thinking about culture that you developed in your previous essay, considering how cultural values and implicit and explicit rules shape our behavior and expectations, and what it takes to overcome these expectations. What would Watters say about this? Why are cultural norms so difficult to change? How can we get past the binaries ingrained in our culture? the writing part in the drop files ,and also you can use my response to more information .

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Argument: Argument directly and fully answers the prompt; is clearly stated early in the paper; is original, compelling and logical, avoiding absolute claims
  • Evidence: Appropriate amount of relevant, accurate, and justifiably interpreted quotation. Quotations are thoroughly introduced, explained, analyzed, and connected to argument/other texts. Possible counter-arguments are considered.
  • Organization: Paragraphs maintain argumentative focus, exclude extraneous information, appear in a logical order, and transition smoothly. Introduction sets forth argument and goals of essay. Conclusion opens up avenues for future research.
  • Audience: Consistent, academic tone. Appropriate amount of contextual information, anticipating audience questions. Addresses significant issues and makes them important to audience.
  • Grammar and Format: Errors in grammar, spelling, and usage limited or non-existent. Correct MLA format, including proper quotation citation.
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