Please select an article that you have read from a copy of The Wall Street Journal dated during the immediate 20 days prior to class. This article must be clearly related to any of the concepts or topics covered in chapters 4 (Corporate Soical Responisbility) and 5 (Planning and Decision making).

Note: Only WSJ articles may be used for this assignment. This assignment contains two parts:

Prepare a short article report using the following format (see the template for an example):

Be sure to include a title page.
Be sure to use APA format and follow instructions.

  1. Complete and accurate bibliographic citation (APA)—demonstrates the student’s ability to cite reference material.
  2. Cogent summary of the WSJ article—demonstrates the student’s ability to express the ideas of others in your own words.
  3. Relevancy—demonstrates the student’s ability to draw important distinctions between what is learned in the classroom and what is happening in the “real world.”
  4. Researcher’s reaction—demonstrates the student’s ability to think critically and formulate an informed position.
  5. Correct English usage and punctuation—demonstrates the student’s ability to express herself or himself. Direct quotes are not permitted.
  6. The entire paper must be formatted according to APA specifications—double-spaced, hanging indent on bibliographic citation, indented paragraphs, centered headings.

See this attached sample paperView in a new window.

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