Connect a push button switch to P3.4 and an 8Ω speaker to P1.0 as shown below. The 2N5307 is a Darlington transistor pair which has a current gain of β > 2000 and its collector current can be up to 1.2 amps. If you output a square wave on P1.0 at frequency fo you will hear a tone on the speaker with a base frequency fo plus odd harmonic overtones. For this assignment write the assembly-code to output an A-note (about 440Hz) in response to the push button on P3.4. Your assembly code must contain a subroutine which does the software time delay and a macro which output a bit to P3.4.

It has to be an 8bit code

Include Comments on what does what

The code should start with:


CSEG at 0

ljmp Start

RSEG MainSeg


The program should be working on the following:

Keil uVision5

AT89C51CC03 board 8bit microcontroller

Flip 3.4.7

How to start a project?

Code examples:

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