Please create a control flow graph for the following program segment.












int index;

for (int i=0; i < n – 1; ++i)


index = i;

for (int k = i + 1; k < n; ++k)


if (emp[index].compareTo(emp[k]) > 0)

index = k;


swap(emp, i, index);



VIU Configuration management Team

You are a member of the Configuration Management Team at VIU that is responsible for the configuration management activities associated with development, testing, operations, monitoring and maintenance of all software. You are also in charge of change management related to the above areas. Your mission is to maintain high quality and availability software operations at VIU.

1) Make an inventory of all the software/hardware systems that you believe should fall within your area of responsibility.

2) Develop a partial list of the CM articles that should be kept in CM repository in order to enable you to achieve your goals.

3) Describe the process by which your team members will collaborate in developing or maintaining the CM articles. The use of a graph to illustrate the process would be good.

4) Can you think of any tools that could help you in your CM activities?

Prepare a report in M.S. Word format answering the questions above. All group members should participate in discussion and preparation of the report. Collaboration is highly encouraged.

Be prepared to discuss your findings in class.

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