The next step in the risk management process is the development of a Risk Analysis Table for the Harry & Mae’s Case Study. This is used for documentation, analysis, and prioritizing of risks.

For the Harry & Mae Case Study:

  • Create a Risk Analysis table for the identified vulnerabilities and risks as shown in the sample.
  • For each of Harry & Mae’s critical assets, calculate the probability of each threat/vulnerability pair being exploited.
  • For each of Harry & Mae’s critical assets, determine the impact rating for each threat/vulnerability pair.
  • For each of Harry & Mae’s critical assets, calculate the risk exposure related to the identified vulnerabilities.
  • There should be a risk exposure value for each threat/vulnerability pair that you identified in the last assignment.
  • Include a brief explanation of how you developed the risk exposure, so it makes sense to the reader.

The attached document can be used to complete this assignment. It contains a risk table that you can use as an example.

Your report must be professional as it’s another item that may be delivered to your client. Start with a brief introduction of your risk table.

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