I need it perfect please it’s 50% of my total grade in the class It’s an 8 page project about solar power. My part is to do the manegment organizational plan. The instructions for the management plan is uploaded in 2 pohotos below . The Guidelines for the proposal project is here >>>>>>>>>>Student 2

Excellent Student

Professor Stellar

English 2311-63500

30 August 2017

Research Proposal Project

As my beta testers for this project, you have raised plenty of substantive, appropriate questions about how you will earn an “A” on this assignment that represents 50% of your grade besides the guidelines in the textbook. Hopefully, the following information provides clear, useful answers.

• Page Count: No matter what the textbook says about the page minimum for a section, the end result should be each team member’s writing approximately five full double-spaced pages contributing to the body. That means that you may shorten or lengthen a section as necessary. Sections like the title page, table of contents and Works Cited do not count toward that five-page minimum.

• Genre and Disciplinary Conventions: Properly format and organize the essay in appropriate MLA business writing style.

• Sources and Evidence: Incorporate at least fifteen citations in each section from at least ten library database sources.

• Control of Syntax and Mechanics: Use graceful language that skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity and fluency, making almost no errors.

You must also upload the essay to eCampus, so bring a copy on your thumb drive, or have it in e-mail on the day that it is due because we will upload it during class so I can ensure that it is done correctly since this will also represent our class’ submission to the assessment committee.

As for the PowerPoint which represents the remaining 10% of the 50% for the total project, remember that it serves strictly as a visual, so the slides should be dominated by images and cool middle school-style animation; and any text on the slides should be in a ginormous font size—no smaller than 48 (no kidding). When you are creating the presentation, you will notice under each slide a text box that most of you have never used before now. That is where you write all of the stuff that you would say to your audience or, in this case, the relevant parts of what you wrote in your essay;-) (You cannot change the font/size of the text in the box.) Create six to nine slides, not including the required title slide and the Works Cited slide(s). You may now start to barrage me withadditional questionsJ . NOTE ( I need 15 citations in the paper and 10 work cited)

All citations and work cited must be from the library database here is the link for the library database.

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