Essay Assignment

Due in Week 8 and worth 15 points

This week we are going start work on your writing assignment that is due in week 10.

Throughout the course articles/videos have been placed on each week’s page in This Week in Business News. This week look back and re-read some of those you found most interesting. Note: If you you can also read ahead, if you like, and pick an article from week 9 or 10.

Now pick one that is on an issue/topic/economic principle that is personally important to you.

This issue/topic/economic principle discussed in this article will be the topic on which you will write your paper in week 10. What you are to do, this week, is to gain thorough understanding of what the article/video says.

Really study the article.


1. Write a 3-4 paragraph summary of what the article/video says. In doing this try to discuss which principle/economic theory is the foundation of the article.

2. Write one paragraph explaining why you consider this article important to you or your career or why you consider the article to shed light on an economic principle that you did not previously understand.

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