** Two Assignment Project ** ** All Details Attached**

1 PowerPoint Presentation and 1 Written Essay

MGT-452-3409-Managerial Communication-3409-09/2017

Week 5 – POWER Method Presentation

Choose a mid-sized company or organization in which you will assume the role of an executive-level manager. This may be a real organization or one you create.

(You will use this organization as a basis for the Week 7 assignment so you may wish to consider that project in your selection).

Prepare a PowerPoint® presentation proposing the creation of a social media policy for the organization including the following:

  • A description of a real or fictional scenario in which customers’ and/or employees’ social media activities have reflected negatively on the organization.
  • The background of why you are making this proposal
  • How social media is changing your organization’s business communication
  • Considerations about how to balance the interest of employees versus the public image of the organization
  • Examples of how other organizations have addressed this issue
  • Details of how such a policy will be implemented and enforced

Your presentation’s organization and content should reflect the P-O-W-E-R method explained in Week 5 Video 4 (Notes attached – Wk5 V4)

Prepare at least 8 slides (excluding title and references slides) with detailed speaker notes of approximately 75 words per slide. Your speaker notes should reveal your reasoning behind your proposal.

Include a minimum of three scholarly sources

MGT-452-Managerial Communication

Week 7 – Creating a Strategic Internal Communication Plan

Use the company or organization you selected for the Week 5 social media policy assignment.

Design a comprehensive Internal Communication Plan for this same organization based on what you have learned from course content and other research.

Create a business proposal for an Internal Communication Plan of approximately 800 words including the following:

  • Explanation of why an Internal Communication Plan is needed (You may wish to assume that an internal communication audit has been completed.)
  • The overall strategy
  • The implementation process
  • Ongoing support and alignment
  • Organizational goals
  • Roles of key players
  • Communication flow
  • Necessary resources
  • Evaluation measures

Key indicators of mastery:

  • Application of course material about Internal Communication Plans
    • Why are they needed?
    • How are Internal Communication Plans different (in purpose and audience) than an external communication strategy?
    • What role would a communication audit play in the development of the plan?
  • Properly identifies the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why elements of an internal communication plan
  • Anticipates necessary resources (both physical ones such as money and manpower, but also leadership support as a “resource”)
  • Provides a framework for how to assess its effectiveness

·Include a minimum of three scholarly sources

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