1. edit the two paragraphs that I ready finished.

2. Create a another paragraph related to American Academic Writing culture is very different from writing in Chinese culture. ( the grammar in different systems, switching mind in two languages, 26 letters in English language and hundreds of thousands unique characters in Chinese, etc) for about 120 words.

3. Write a brief summary for this article for around 60-100 words.

Academic writing has a entirely different system than informal or colloquial writing. During Eli 210 class period, we developed 12 basic assumptions for academic writer, and yet we have this free writing exercise to explore our thoughts about academic writing in diverse aspects.

First of all, I believed American Academic writing is quite similar than Chinese Scholar writing not only in technicality but also in their’s stringent demand. Theoretically, anyone could receive a great result if she or he follows the assumptions step by step. However,I hold a different voice towards the second Basic Assumption of Academic Writing. For instances when writer cite a extraordinary opinion that no one else has ever brought up before is quite normal on the daily bases, and yet the reader may have to guess the meaning of the writer.In my perspective, this particular type of writer should receive a better grade than the ones who did not points out their unique views.

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