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Organizational mission is define as the purpose of the organization layed out by a mission statement or core values. The organizations mission provides a platform for forming goals and planning out the process to accomplish such set goals. A company can become successful with a clear mission but if the organizations mission is not perfectly structured things can soon turn dark leading to a downfall.
The organization I work for has long since had it’s mission and values up front at all times. This organization has restructured it’s core values to further the mission in this changing world. It has continue to open it’s doors to serve the people of the community with high quality treatment, education, reasearch, and counseling. The organization has been the leading academic health system in the region and has been nationally recognized for its everchanging health care.
One of the most recent mission this company as set out to do is to move forward with innovation. The organization continues to grow by acquiring new buildings and building new ones to bring on better patient serves by making room for quality and skillfull people to serve the community.

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