Please submit your paper on Malcom X comparing him to another leader.


The paper should be 8-10 pages long, NOT counting the title page ore the reference page. The paper should examine the leadership skill, style, traits, and behaviors of your chosen leader.

Term Research Paper: Purposes and Description:

Select and compare the “organizational fit” using two different leaders: Charismatic style verses a transformational style This should be done by finding appropriate case studies featuring each leader’s style (these cases can be from the textbook or other sources; however they can NOT be ones which were already used in other assignments). By analyzing each case, determine and then explain in your paper if the leaser’s particular style is a good fit for the organization.

For example, you may find that in some cases that the leader’s style was a good fit at one point in the organization’s history but over time the leader’s style no longer matches the organization because the leader’s style changed or the organization’s needs changed. On the other hand, your research and analysis may uncover other things about the two leader’s styles. Use good critical thinking techniques and do not just recite facts. We are looking for cause and effect.

Also in your paper, you should address the characteristics of a charismatic leader and a transformational leader. Explain what criteria you used to determine each leaders style based on the style characteristics shown in our textbook or other credible sources.

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