Intro to Data Analytics/Business Data Mining

Homework 2: Data Visualization

This homework will give you practice with creating and interpreting graphs and charts using a data set of your choice. Perform the following for this homework:

  • Find a different data set on the web. You may not use any data sets built into RapidMiner or the data set you used previously from Homework 1.
  • Import and load your data set into RapidMiner.
  • Take a screenshot of the data set.
  • Build one histogram and one scatter plot. Use relevant attributes to build interesting charts. Take screenshots of both the histogram and the scatter plot.
  • Interpret both plots.

Submission Instructions:
Please type up your homework using the homework template which i attached below.

You should include at least three screenshots: (1) data set loaded in RapidMiner, (2) histogram, and (3) scatter plot. Remember to interpret both plots. Only a softcopy submission is needed through the assignment link posted on Blackboard.

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