Indeed a researcher paper fallowing the instruction below to do it.the topic is registered nurse

topic: Registered nurseI. JOB DESCRIPTION Describe the care/service provided by the healthcare professional, (used correct APA ciations) Describe the limits of authority and responsibility legislated “scope of practice” for this health care career. (used correct APA citations) Describe the “Code of Ethics” for this health care occupation (used correct APA citations)II. EDUCATION /REGISTRATION/CERTIFICATION Describe the requirements for the profession/occupation (using correct APA citations) Identify at least two different types of educational institutions/schools offering theprogram. (using correct APA citations) State how much time it takes to complete the program (using correct APA citations) Describe the approximate cost for each of the educational institutions required usingcorrect APA citations) (using correct APA citations) What degree or certification that can be earned for this health care career (usingcorrect APA citations) Identify the professional certification or registration required (using correct APA citations)III. EMPLOYMENT What is the job availability for this profession? (using correct APA citations) Growth trends in the field (using correct APA citations) Number of jobs advertised locally for example in the Sunday Herald or otherpublication (using correct APA citations) Is experience required? explain (using correct APA citations) Salaries – Entry level and with experience (using correct APA citations) Advancement Opportunities, with or without additional education (using correct APA citations)IV. PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES Local/State/National Professional Organizations (cost to join as a student) (using correct APA citations) Professional journals with address and cost. (using correct APA citations) Are Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) required for this profession? If so howmany and how often (using correct APA citations) Describe ways that members of a professional organization can gain continuing educationrequirements and earn CEUs (using correct APA citations)V. REFLECTION / PERSONAL CAREER PLAN Reflect on how you see yourself “fitting” into this profession. Describe a personal career plan for you to enter this field. Include goals,objectives and strategies.SOURCES, ORGANIZATION, FORMAT, SPELLING & GRAMMAR (10% of written paper grade)SOURCES OF INFORMATION At least 6 substantial references are used. They may include: books; professional journal articles; and web sites. All references are correctly cited on the Reference page in correct APA 6th ed format.ORGANIZATION, FORMAT, SPELLING, GRAMMAR Well organized, with each section containing appropriate content Double spaced, 12-pt font size, 1” margins. Body of paper 3 – 5 pages with separate cover page and reference page.Correct spelling and copy and paste

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