Length: 1.5 pages each maximum

Description: For this assignment, you will be writing about a number of topics from the text book. In this case, you can choose only one selection from each chapter of the text for a grand total of 4 selections. You will then write a one to 1.5 page response to each selection, one at a time for a total of 4 papers. All of these will be due on the due date- think of each topic as 25% of the full assignment.

As always, this is a major writing assignment, so please double-space your work and obviously, all the conventions of proper writing apply here, use spell check to help yourself and proofread your work to get even more help with it. If necessary, visit the writing center, this is a Gordon rule course so you need to write and spell correctly.

Date Due: __________________


Chapter 3

Introduction to Chapter pg.67

Read and Respond: How does the 20th century look in 1900? Give me a reaction.

Compare Figure 3 on pg. 70 to Olympia insert pg. 71

Read and Respond: Reading 2 (Futurist Manifesto) on pg. 91

Chapter 2

Compare reading 2 (Wilfred Owen) on pg.38 and reading 1 (Lord Tennyson) on pg. 37

Examine Fig.5 on pg. 42 and read up on DADA. Do these bear relation to World War One?

Chapter 4

Read and Respond to the paragraphs on “Blues” on pg. 100, particularly the song

“The Weary Blues.”

Read and Respond: Rise of Fascism on pg. 127

Compare Fig. 12 on pg. 106 and Fig. 16 on pg. 108

Chapter 5

Examine and Respond: Fig. 2 on pg. 137

Examine and Respond: Fig. 15 on pg. 149

Read and Respond: Reading 5 on pg. 166

Chapter 6

Read and Respond: Reading 2 on pg. 178

Read and Respond: The Civil Rights Movement on pg. 202

Chapter 8

Read and Respond: Reading 4 on pg. 251

Chapter 7

Examine and Respond: Fig. 22 on pg. 233

Read and Respond: The Environment and the Human Tradition on pg. 239

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