Issues Diversity in any country????

The Midterm Exam consists of the CORE of a Research Paper that has to be developed into a Policy Brief for your final exam. The Midterm Exam consists of a minimum five (5) pages not including cover page, table of content and bibliography. Books and Scholarly Publications must be used for at least three of a minimum of five references. Use the library resources. APA formatting should be used for your papers combined with a PNT Guide that will be circulated. On the day of the Midterm Exam, students will make a two minutes presentation. It is advisable that you use your summary for talking points. Attendance is compulsory. Failing to attend the Midterm, students will be given a sit-down supervised exam without any recourse to computers, IPADS or phones. A guide on how to prepare the research papers/policy brief will be discussed in class and circulated.


Mid-Term and Final Paper Requirements

  1. 1. Cover Page (Your Name


Name of Professor

Course Title

CRN Number


  1. 2. Table of Contents
  2. 3. SUMMARY (10 sentences) the findings about the research for midterm and final/paper/policy brief
  3. 4. What is the issue? And The Question: Frame a question to address the issue. Your paper must respond to only one question
  4. 5. Background Info

It must be referenced APA style but within the PNT GUIDE

We will discuss in class

  1. 6. Arguments For

It must have referenced APA

  1. 7. Arguments Against

It must have referenced APA

  1. 8. Contradictions

10. Policy Recommendation (s)

11. Personal opinion

Minimum of 5 references andthree of them must be from non-profit organization/Think-Tank/Academic Journal /In the Final Exam/Policy Brief you require 10 references/You must conduct an interview (for final exam) with a Non-Profit or and submit it with Final Paper/Policy Brief


All written work for this course must conform to the following guidelines:

  • • All written work must be typed, double-spaced with one inch margins, and in twelve point font. If you need assistance, please check with the Writing Center.
  • • All papers should have a cover page. The cover page has the title of the paper centered at the top of the page, in twelve-point font. It also includes the name of the class, the student’s name and the name of the course.
  • • All pages except the cover page should be numbered in a consistent manner. If the numbering is in the center it should be that way throughout the paper.
  • • APA formatting should be used in all written work.

Students must take all written work to the Student Success Center

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