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The company I chose is Walmart, because of their distribution system and ability to keep prices low at least lower than other stores in the same area and with similar items.

Value Chain

Support Activities

Firm Infrastructure – The infrastructure of Walmart is its ability to get the products to the stores in a timely manner of within a day Chekwa, Martin, & Wells (2015) says that strategically located where they can serve up to 150+ Walmart stores within a day.

Human Resource Management – Having an adaptive culture and flexible leadership Chekwa, Martin, & Wells (2015) says Transformational leadership stands at the forefront of an organization’s culture.

Technology Development – Walmart has been using technology to track data and merchandise Chekwa, Martin, & Wells (2015) says the chain made the decision to insource its IT development last year, and it has opened or expanded three technology centers in the past 18 months near San Francisco, Bangalore and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Procurement – The ability get items and workers to the right place at the right time Binod, (2015) says self-developed management system of warehouses and stores, location choice, the culture to support values and skills, use of technology, excellent relationship with the supplier and consumer, human resources management and employee motivation.

Primary Core Activities

Inbound logistics – The coordination with suppliers has been revolutionary Chekwa, Martin, & Wells (2015) says Walmart instigated was the practice of unprecedented coordination with suppliers. This is key to keeping prices low.

Operations – Walmart is a store with a lot of goods Chekwa, Martin & Wells (2015) says that the stores boast a wealth of goods for the everyday consumer product categories including food, home & household, automotive, sporting goods, paint & hardware, stationary, and health & beauty aids.

Outbound Logistics – Walmart has the ability to pick and choose its suppliers Chekwa, Martin, & Wells, (2015) says that their business is wide and hence they offer a large number of businesses to manufacturers and suppliers. This gives the company an upper hand over its suppliers.

Marketing and Sales – Walmart is well known for low prices and Chekwa, Martin, & Wells (2015) says that the very first store in 1962, Sam Walton’s philosophy was “Always Low Prices.”

After-Sales Services – After a sale Walmart will exchange products back into the store customer service area and with a receipt they will either give cash back for the price of the item or give a gift card with the amount on the card to be used in the store with additional purchases. Without a receipt and the item is undamaged they will likely give a gift card of equal amount to be used in Walmart at a later time or same day.

Strategic tactics

Keep prices low Walmart (2017) says Everyday low prices on a broad assortment – anytime, anywhere. This is a useful tool because everyone expects them to have the lower prices and once the customer is in the store they are more likely to shop for more and maybe go out with more than they planned.

Innovative thinking. Leadership through service. And above all, an unwavering commitment to saving people money (Walmart, 2017). Innovative thinking and Leadership through service shows that the company is willing to stay up to date with technology and a lead by example leadership style. Binod, (2015) says that the act of recombining and reconfiguration of assets not only helps to sustain profitable growth, but also helps an organization to make a fit with the changes occurring in market, technology and to avoid disadvantageous situations

Binod T. (2015). As a key for superior and sustainable business performance: an example from Walmart. In: Management, Vol 10, Iss 3, Pp 273-292; University of Primorska, 2015. Language: English, Database: Directory of Open Access Journals

Chekwa, E., Martin, J., & Wells, K. (2015). Riding on the waves of sustained competitive advantage consumer perspective on Walmart Corporation. International Journal of the Academic Business World. Vol. 9 Issue 1, p61-73. 13p. , Database: Business Source Premier

Walmart. (2017) Walmart corporate web site retrieved https://corporate.walmart.com/Links to an external site.

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