Design a data collection plan for a market research on health drink. The plan is half finished. Please come up with some survey questions regarding to each objective and fill in the rest part of the documents. See attachment for the document.

And here is the specific requirement.

Content Requirement

1. Data collection instrument type: a. State precisely the data collection instrument you have chosen: i. Exploratory: Interviews, focus groups. ii. Descriptive: Surveys, observational research. iii. Causal: Experiments.

2. Data collection instrument direction: a. Present in a table how your instrument will address your research objectives (for example, list the objectives of your research and the corresponding questions you are likely to ask participants). b. Detail any other information appropriate to address your research objectives that is directly linked to your chosen instrument.

3. Data collection instrument: a. Provide a print out of your complete data instrument to the tutor. That is, a list of all of the questions that you will ask.

4. Sampling:

a. Outline your planned approach to sampling: i. List who your target group will be? ii. Where is your target sample located? iii. What is the target size of your sample? iv. What response rate do you anticipate (e.g., 70% of people approached will complete)?

b. How will you ensure your research is accessing the best “group” from your target market?

5. Monitoring data collection: a. How does you group intend to monitor the sampling once you go in field? b. What actions do you propose to take should your sampling not be performing the way your group intended?

6. Anticipated editing and coding approach: a. If necessary, how do you plan to enter, edit, and code your data? b. What type of software will you be using to analyse your data?

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