career research paper 3


If you do not have a career choice, make a tentative choice by choosing one of the careers

suggested by your Myers-Briggs test or Choices Planner. For assistance, use the Career Center

located next to Counseling in the Student Services Building.


Here are some suggestions for your 3-4 page draft of your research paper.

1. Describe your ideal career. What are some of the external/internal forces that have influenced

your career choice? How have your value systems, impact of culture, religion, upbringing, and

family impacted or not impacted your career choices? Is there a match or a mismatch between

value system on one hand, and your career on the other? What is your personality type? How

is your personality a fit for the career or your choice? Explain and provide examples to support

your answer.

2. What are typical job duties?

3. Are certain personality types or skills required?

4. What are the educational requirements? Licensures? Related major or majors needed

for this career?

5. What is the pay and job outlook?

6. What are some advantages and disadvantages of working in this career?

7. What are some of your personal assets and how they would enhance your job


8. What would you do to deal with your weakness so that it may not interfere with your

current or future job performance and your personal like?

9. Any interesting facts you discovered about the career of your choice?

You will need at least 2 sources of information on your career choice. At least one computer

source of information is required. In the Career Center, you may use several resources such as

the Occupational Outlook Handbook,, Occupational Guidance or any other

research the above questions. Note your computer source or Internet address so that you can

include it in your bibliography. Check out my college success website. Click on

“Careers” and then “Research” to connect to some helpful resources on the Internet. The address

of this website is: You may also use Cindy Morrin

website for additional information., CHOICES assessment and

Do What You are.

You may use a book, magazine or reference book to complete your research. Be careful to check

the date of these publications because they quickly become outdated. Make sure to use

your own words to answer the above research questions. Note the title of the publication,

author, publisher, date and page number so that you can include this information in the

bibliography of your term paper

Feel free to interview at least two or three professionals in the field who are working in

the career (s) of your interest to complete this assignment. Interviews are not to be used

as a substitute for the resources at the Career Cente

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