I do not have the article myself.

Students will identify one research article within the field of psychology. The article will be from a referred journal and be experimental or quasi-experimental in nature.

* The student will summarize the article and its important findings.

When summarizing the article, the critical elements which will be identified will be

1.the research question,

2.research design,

3.the statistical analysis, and

4.the results of the findings with respect to the research question

In most other courses, the literature review and discussion will be the greatest talking points of professional research. This course is different in that students must gain mastery over the knowledge related to research itself. This requires understanding the design and analysis of the research as the primary evaluation tool, with the literature and discussion taking a secondary role.

This assignment should be typed in accordance with the general guidance in the syllabus. The paper will be 3-5 pages in length and will address the important points listed above.


Correct references page in APA

Great Grammar and Punctuation

Paper setup: Students are expected to follow APA guidelines for publication when submitting assignments. In general; papers submitted should have 1” margins, be double spaced, in Times New Roman or Arial font, and referenced appropriately. The reference page will not count toward page totals that are identified in assignments.

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