You have now read the some of the teachings of the Buddha (EWC 3.1) and Rock and Pillar Edicts from King Ashoka (EWC 3.2)

Ashoka saw himself as a follower of the Buddha’s Law of Righteousness (dharma). Based on your understanding of the two lessons by the Buddha, please make an historical argument about these questions: Would the Buddha agree with any of Asoka’s policies and beliefs? If so, which ones? Would the Buddha disagree with any of Asoka’s policies and beliefs? If so, which ones?

Remember, you are using one set of primary sources (Buddha’s teachings) to evaluate another set of primary sources (Asoka’s edicts). This means that evidence is key to answering this question well. I am not asking your personal opinion, but rather what you think the Buddha would have thought about Asoka based on the evidence in the primary sources. This is a kind of advanced compare and contrast paper; we need you to read all of the sources very carefully.

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