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It is important to “know thyself” as a therapist because how well a therapist knows themselves greatly impacts their role as a therapist. For example, by being aware of their strengths and the type of qualities they bring to the therapeutic process they can gain confidence in themselves as a mental health professional and utilize those qualities effectively. A therapist could have all of the nine qualities of an effective counselor that Neukrug (2016) discussed but if they are not aware of those qualities the person would be less likely use those qualities to their full potential. If the therapist does not realize that they hold qualities and the skillset that aids in the therapeutic process, such as being empathic, they may not use their qualities and skills in the most effective manner. The therapist can become too focused on worrying about the reservations they may have about their capabilities as a therapist, which would distract them from being fully present in the therapy session. If a therapist is aware of their strengthens they would probably be less likely to worry about their capabilities. They would be able to be fully present in the session while using the skills and qualities that they know they have in order to be an effective therapist. In the Neukrug (2016), the author spoke about the “It” factor that the counselor at the suicide crisis center knew he had. The counselor was aware of his “It” factor, felt confident in his qualities, and was able to used the “It” factor to help clients laugh.

By being aware of weaknesses, the mental health professional would be aware of their counseling competence and areas that they should learn how to improve. If a counselor knows that they lack the skill(s) and training to work with a certain population, such as, working with people who with substance use disorder, they could refer the client(s) to someone who has experience in that area. The client(s) can then receive more effective therapeutic services from a counselor who has competence with the population instead of receiving services from a counselor that is oblivious to their lack competence at the moment. The counselor who is aware of their weaknesses and lack of competence in certain areas could also be motivated to gain competence by seeking the appropriate educational training that could expand their skill set. Somewhat similar to Jerry Corey’s Early Experience in “Becoming a Helper.” He stated that he lacked confidence and felt incompetent while being a coleader of a group with his supervisor. Since his supervisor was more experience and Corey was at the beginning of his counseling career, Corey viewed his supervisor as competent. He used the opportunity of working with his supervisor as a learning experience which caused him to gain further competence through experience and confidence.

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