I would like to order a 3 page philosophy paper. The paper assignment will require to take a passage that will provide by the instructor. The paper should tell in writing precisely what that passage means in the context in which it is presented. No outside sources should be used. The following email was received from my instructor.

“Dear Student,

Your assignment for the first paper is to target the following quotation from “A Presocratics Reader.” Please use other fragments in the reader, the material from Lawhead, and class lectures to contextualize your quote.

Guidelines are on the syllabus. Please remember to submit your papers to Livetext and We can take a few minutes in class tomorrow for questions.

Peace out!

Dr. B-

“War is the father of all and king of all, and some he shows as gods, others as humans; some he makes slaves, others free” (Heraclitus, Fragment #79)”

Attached is the grading criteria for this paper. I would like to have this paper by Monday September 18, 2017. Please reply with a price quote as soon as possible. An Electronic copy of ”
A Presocratics Reader” can be found easily online by basically writing the “A Presocratics Reader” in google.

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