OVERVIEW: Write a 300-word strategy evaluation report on a chosen company.

Research from the Internet and from printed information can enhance strategy evaluation. Competitors’ performance information can help bring perspective to an organization’s performance evaluation. It is also important to look at changes, externally and internally, as an indicator for the need to modify strategy.


David, F. R. (2014). Strategic management: A competitive advantage approach, concepts & cases (15th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Tovstiga, G. (2011). Strategy in practice: A practitioner’s guide to strategic thinking. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

David, F. R., & David, F. R. (2017). Strategic management: A competitive advantage approach, concepts & cases (16th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson.

INSTRUCTIONS: Select an organization to analyze. Ideally, the company you choose will be a familiar one and one to which you have easy access, such as your place of employment or a company close to where you live. You may use the same organization for other assessments in this course.

Complete the following:

Use the Capella library and the Internet to locate three articles written in the last six months, or as current as possible, about the industry of your selected organization.

Consider the following questions as you do your research:

  • What new opportunities and threats, or strengths and weaknesses seem to be emerging in this industry?
  • Do you feel that your selected organization is using effective strategies?
  • What recommendations would you offer?
  • Write a 300-word document titled “Strategy Evaluation Report” in which you include the following:
  • Summarize your organization’s strategy and performance in the current year.
  • Identify strategic information about your organization’s competitors.
  • Identify new opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses that seem to be emerging in the selected organization’s industry.
  • Interpret the effectiveness of your company’s strategies.
  • Recommend strategies based on strategy evaluation research.

Use APA-formatted in-text citations for information you take from the articles, and provide complete references for all articles.

Additional Requirements

Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.

APA formatting: Ensure that resources and citations are formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.

Number of resources: Include a minimum of three current articles.

Required length: The body of your document should be 300 words.

Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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