The exercise that I want you to complete is definitely unique this week. The textbook shares some resources to explore online. In the text, it states:

Before reading about the development of each sensory or perceptual domain, pause and think about your own sensory awareness. (Is this something you overlook or don’t think about?) Respectful caring, emphasized throughout this book, comes about as adults, caregivers, and parents slow down and become more empathic toward each other and very young children. In our busy, fast paces lives we lose touch with our bodies and sensory abilities and how they are connected to everything we think and do. To become a better observer of young children and a more sensitive caregiver think about and reconsider your own sensory awareness.

The exercises linked below will help you to do this.
Visit this link: www.sensoryawareness.org (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and complete one of the sensory experiments shared.
Share your experience: Were you comfortable or uncomfortable doing this exercise? Why did you feel this way? Why do you think the textbook shares this type of exercise?

Answer number 4 under thought/activity questions. ….USING IN TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCES


4. After reading this chapter, imagine that you are planning a parent meeting for your infant-toddler program. The topic is perceptual development. What key points about each sense would you want to share?

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