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Choose ONE of the following question groups based on the Week 1 and Week 2 required readings:

1) What were some of the positive and negative impacts of life in America during Industrialization? The text presents us with categories such as economy, politics and law, reform culture, and foreign relations; however, you may focus on additional categories. Do you think you would have preferred to live in the city or the country at this time?

2) Characterize the continuing movement and expansion into the western states. Was the “Indian problem” resolved? How much did the country grow and how did it grow so quickly? What was drawing people to move into the western states? Do you think there was any way that Americans could have avoided clashing with the natives in the 19th century as the country expanded westward?

3) Describe the Progressive movement. What were its goals and objectives? Do you think the movement was largely successful during this time? Were there any drawbacks to progressive public policy?


The weekly discussion forums ask you to respond to one of the questions listed by the instructor. Your response should be at least 250-300 words in order to receive credit. The instructor asks your response to follow the FACT/EVIDENCE, ANALYSIS/OPINION, QUESTION model (see below) that includes 1) a factual response to the question with a direct quote and proper citation, 2) analysis of the factual information with citations if needed and opinions reflecting on the topic, and 3) one question that you have about the topic or one question you would like to ask the class that is connected to the topic AND one question that is for your professor. Responses to peers and to the professor’s follow-up questions should be at least a few good sentences (150 words minimum.) Refrain from stating the obvious or making comments such as “great post” without providing specific details. Asking each other good questions will make the forums more interesting and you will reach the word count without even thinking about it. Respond to at least three (3) classmates.

Suggestion: rather than re-stating what others have said, post fresh ideas that look at the topics from a unique perspective. Do not hesitate to ask questions that might spark further discussion by others. Feel free to include your own personal analysis or understanding of the readings. Remember, you will be responding to three other students and to your instructor’s follow-up question. All direct quotations from the textbook and/or other source must be cited properly. Paraphrased information must be cited as well. You MUST draw from the textbook in supporting your answer, but you MAY also quote from another credible, academic source. Contact your instructor if you are not sure whether one of your sources meets this standard. Avoid Wikipedia or Ask.com or similar sites.

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