In the centuries surrounding 500 B.C.E., new philosophical and religious ideas emerged in Greece, China, India, and the Middle East more or less simultaneously. It’s a pretty remarkable phenomenon. For this discussion refer to the snapshot on page 131 that includes brief summaries of thinkers and their ideas.

To what extent do the thinkers share outlooks? [Or, what common threads do you notice as you compare all of these different philosophical and religious ideas.] Give examples of what you find. What do you think explains the commonalities in these ideas across vast geographic space and their nearly simultaneous emergence in human history?

Directions: Each student must have a minimum of 3 posts, one post to the original prompt from the instructor and at least 2 posts in response to other students in the discussion. Remember:

– Use complete sentences, proper grammar, and appropriate language.

– Your original post should be a small paragraph which consists of 3-5 sentences.

– Posts that respond to other students may be more brief.

– Use examples to support your points.

– Cite the course readings you referenced for your response.

Please use the photos to do the part for the reponding to the other people

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