In this class, there are two discussions for each week. For the first discussion, you will be asked to convey some information from the Learning Resources. You are not required to reply to any of your classmates in this discussion, but you can if you desire. The purpose of this discussion is to demonstrate your understanding of the course materials. Give a substantive post (that means at least 150 words and at least a one sentence quote and citation from something assigned to this course this week). Quotes belong inside quotation marks and are word for word from written or audio source – the citation tells the reader where you got them from. You will get one point for being on time (before 6 PM Eastern Thursday) and above minimum word count and one point for having the quote and citation. (Two points available for this First Discussion.) You will not see any other postings until you post your own.

After looking through all of the materials in the Week 5 Learning Resources list and briefly describe three specific tools, vocabulary, concepts, or techniques that you can use to analyze and talk about film and drama. Make sure to cite the learning resources you use.

Your post should be at least 150 words long.

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