As Chapter 5 in our textbook indicates, there are several common genres, which share similar conventions, used in professional correspondence. Letters, memos, and emails are perhaps the most ubiquitous genres in the workplace. One important feature of these genres of professional correspondence, for example, is the importance of including need-to-know (vs. want-to-tell) information.

In this week’s discussion, briefly discussion your takeaways from Chapter 5. In general, what is important for you to consider about professional correspondence, regarding your profession/field/career? More specifically, however, what information do you believe is important for you and your classmates to consider, as we prepare to write the Rhetorical-Genre Analysis Memo? What suggestions, ideas, or tips might you offer your classmates? Conversely, what questions or concerns regarding memo writing do you have that your classmates might be able to help address?

Post your initial response (200-250 words)

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