Read the arguments presented by your classmate and analyze the reasoning that they have presented. Comment on the strength of their reasoning. Help them out by pointing out any respect in which a reasonable person might disagree with the truth of their premises or with the strength of their reasoning. Give suggestions for how the argument might be improved. If someone presents good suggestions for your own argument respond with an improved version of the argument. 5 sentences or more.

With regard to social media tools such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter, questions arise as to whether social media enhances or hinders interpersonal relationships amongst users. One may argue that social media enhances interpersonal relationships while another argues that social media hinders the interpersonal relationships. Each argument could be validated by providing appropriate justification. For this exercise, I want to consider that social media enhances interpersonal relationships.

“Social media enhances interpersonal relationships by facilitating communication amongst family members and friends miles away (Lundy & Drouin, 2016)”. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp provide platform facilitating communications that cross many boundaries. These platforms have enabled sharing of information and ideas amongst friends and family members miles away, thus enhancing the bond between them regardless of geographical distances between them.

Social media has enhanced interpersonal relationships by facilitating networking amongst members of society. For instance,“through the use of social media such as facebook, individuals, regardless of social and economic status, can communicate, and share ideas with people in positions of influence (Devereux, E2013)”. This would have been impossible without the use of social media previously as it hard to meet with these higher level individuals of authority personally.

Additionally, “social media enhances interpersonal relationships amongst individuals by removing the issue of formality in talks and discussions (Devereux, 2013)”. Social media platforms allow individuals to communicate either officially or informally, therefore, when one communicates with his/her boss using social media he may use informal language and communicate normally as if talking with a friend, due to the fact that social media removes the issue of formality in communication. An illustration might be: one can more easily use informal language while communicating with a colleague online, unlike communicating with that same colleague at the workplace.

In spite of positive points, social media may hinder interpersonal relationship in that: Over the social media platform users can easily destroy interpersonal relationships. For instance, “one may accidentally comment on something sensitive, which could be released to all followers versus the intent to pass the comment to a specific individual (Lundy & Drouin, 2016)”. Any leaked sensitive information not only tarnishes one’s name by destroying the bonds existing between individuals and their social media followers inclusive of friends and family members, but it also drives wedges of anger and mistrust between the parties involved.

Social media hinders interpersonal relationships sometimes through false identity and fake presentation. In some social media platforms such as Facebook, “some individuals exist as “ghosts”, thus damaging interpersonal relationships, as one can not trust such people (Devereux, 2013)”. Moreover, when one becomes aware that his friend and/or family member falsified identities, there is the likelihood of interpersonal relation issues(problems) arising. For instance, if one learns of something controversial about a relative on social media, and questions that individual about behavior, it could result in interpersonal relationship problems as trust between the two could be broken.

Overall, however, based on the popular rise in numbers of subscribers to social media platforms, it appears that the favorable impact on interpersonal relationships remains stronger than that from harm that could conceivably result from improper use.


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