Each answer must be a minimum of 100 words

  • Washington and DuBois were both influential leaders in the African American community. However, they disagreed markedly on many topics, what do these thinkers share and where/why do they disagree?
  • Both DuBois and Hurston define African American identity in their work. How are their definitions similar, and how are they different?

* Eliot and Sandburg both wrote about urban settings. How are their works similar in their treatment of the city? How do they differ? What do these qualities tell you about the period?

  • Many of the American poets and writers of the early 20th century chose to live and create their works in Europe. Despite being expatriates, these writers considered themselves Americans and writers of American literature. Do you agree or disagree? Why?
  • The early 20th century was a time of great technological change. Which poems show the most sign of these changes?
  • Some writers of the Harlem Renaissance worked hard to capture jazz rhythms in their work. Which poems show these rhythms? Explain your selections.
  • Modernism focused heavily on the image. How does this focus on the image shape these poems?
  • Psychology emerged as an independent discipline during the early 20th century. Which poems show evidence of this new social-scientific focus?
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