How are you my friend? this is my homework, Use any language you want exept those:

dont use C++ , Java , Python , C#

I talked with my instructor about languages, and he says you could you ruby, or visual basic as an example.

however, if you have a specific language you are familiar with, go ahead.

Note: please, just attached a word file, explain everything in this program for me.

take your time and thanks.


Program Language Systems – Project 1

Using a language you are unfamiliar with, write a program to solve the following problem:

  • Input data from a text file consisting of text and numeric values in the following format:
    • Primary record key (numeric or text)
    • Category (text)
    • Division (text/numeric)
    • Group (text/numeric)
    • Code values (5 numeric values)
  • Store the data in an appropriate data structure
  • Determine the following details from the data
    • Total number of records read
    • The number of Code values within each Group, Division and Category
    • The average of the Code values within each group and Division
    • The Standard Deviation of the values within each Group
  • Output the results to the screen or file.
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