In today’s criminal justice organization, diversity within the workforce is being pushed, because of the times that we live in. In most major cities in America, the population is becoming more diverse, and it is going to require a criminal justice organization to reflect its citizens (Jansen, 2015). You cannot have a police force of majority white males, like we did decades ago. Hiring more women and minorities to reflect the city’s population would be the best option, if you want to display a community oriented image to the public. Race and policing is a hot topic issue, because of the many incidents that has been playing out in the news and social media (Roberts, 2015).

When someone uploads a video in youtube of a police officer acting aggressive towards an individual it gets a lot of views. Without knowing all the facts, most will instantly view the police officer in a negative way (Roberts, 2015). On the other hand, whether we like it or not youtube videos have caught a lot of illegal acts by law enforcement officers and the criminal themselves. Many have been prosecuted based on video evidence that people put on social media. As social media becomes more prominent in our daily lives, it creates a whole new problem for our criminal justice system when balancing individual rights and public order in a multicultural society (Schmalleger, 2017).

In a multicultural society, the citizens will demand more from the criminal justice system that they do not fully trust (Roberts, 2015). It is going to make it more challenging for some departments to find that balance of satisfying the community’s need for diversity to reflect its citizens, and hiring the best qualified person for the job (Jansen, 2015). As more officers hit the retirement aged, I believe that we will start to see more diversity in the police departments. All criminal justice organization will have to adapt to modern hiring practices, and trust that it will solve some of the major issues plaguing our criminal justice system today.

In my opinion, implementing a Christian worldview approach to policing can greatly aid many police officers when dealing with the community. When you let God lead you through the ethical and moral dilemma that this type of job might present. You will never have to questions yourself if you made the right decisions, or feel guilty about your actions. As Christians we all submit to the Lord and understand that, as believers we answer to his authority alone. Being a Christian does not necessarily make you a better cop, but I feel that it gives you a better clarity in life. You are more grounded and will be consistent in your decision making on the job.

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