Grandfield College As with any database, data integrity is important to the software database at Grandfield College. If they are audited, they have to show that they know what software they have, how it is licensed, and on what machines it is installed. Accident and error are the most likely threats to their data integrity, but it is always possible that someone might try to purposely disrupt their data.

To do

Create tables of the data access needs of your users.

Create a security plan that includes authentication and authorization and general policies and procedures. Consider the use of roles, stored procedures, views, and other tools. Documentation: Document and define all the aspects of your plan.

Create a preliminary threat analysis. Make a preliminary disaster management plan.

Create a view of the data that is tailored to the needs of one of your uses.

For extra-credit, create a stored procedure that executes one of the basic activities for your database (installing a piece of software, for instance, or processing a software request).

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