This assignment is to prepare a Campaign plan for me. I need someone who is willing to spend time and present a real campaign plan that design for me. I am running to be a member of the Haitian parliament, precisely the lower chamber.

I will need the stump speech by Tomorrow and the whole assignment in three weeks from now.

  • Seeking an Office
  • Stump Speech (note: you only need to include the transcript of your stump speech)
  • Your Campaign Budget
  • Your Fundraising Plan
  • Your Polling Plan and Opposition Research
  • Your Targeting Plan
  • Your Scheduling Plan
  • Your Social Media Plan
  • Your Campaign Materials
  • Your Direct Mail Plan
  • Your Campaign Phone Bank Plan
  • Your Media Plan
  • Your Earned Media Plan
  • Your Campaign Grassroots Plan
  • Your Campaign GOTV Plan

The tutor must work with me on a daily basis in order to guide him or her on each particular segments.

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