the topic is on nutritional challenges associated with aging

1. Apply principles of the nutritional assessment.

2. Develop learner curiosity in seeking information related to current nutrition topics.

3. Demonstrate application of research in a scholarly paper.

4. Utilize supportive resources of CITEL (Writing Center)

–Disparities in access to nutritious foods (Healthy People 2020)

–Nutritional challenges associated with aging

–benefits/risks of nutritional supplements

–Select specific cultural dietary pattern and compare it to myplate as the standard

–discuss prevalent issues with children in American diet

–Discuss nutritional issues in the oncology (cancer) patient.

  • Locate 3 articles from professional journals that address the topic.
  • Locate one website that has important information regarding the topic (ex. CDC, Healthy People 2020, NIH).
  • Write a 2-3-page essay on the topic you selected.
  • Submit the paper to Safe Assign on Bb and also submit one paper copy to the instructor.
  • Be certain to carefully review the grading rubric (before you start writing,) while you are writing, and before you submit the paper.
  • Review the course syllabus for guidance re: APA Style, Plagiarism, and Policy on Late Papers.

The paper is due on Safe Assign by 11:59pm on 12/9/2018 and the paper copy is due:

Monday, December 10 at start of class.Please print a copy of the rubric and attach to your paper.

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