These questions focus on the product/service life cycle as it applies to health care.

Please give some thought to today’s health care environment, turbulent as it is, given the changes related to the Affordable Care Act, and subsequent attempts at repealing, undoing, replacing, etc.

please use some reference

I’m a foreigner, please make sentence easy.

please answer the following questions:

1 As you think about the Product/Service Life Cycle in the context of health care, what services do you think are in the introduction and growth stages, and therefore should be in the “high investment” category for marketing?

2 Conversely, what aspects of health care appear to be either in the maturity or decline stages of the Product/Service Life Cycle, and therefore less deserving of intensive marketing investment (or even, perhaps, requiring a harvesting strategy)?

3 what do you anticipate health care in the U.S. looking like in 5 years, and how should marketing strategists prepare for that eventuality today?

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