The place where you live

Suppose your major is Fashion Design.

Write a letter from your future self, when you are a professional in the fashion industry, to your present self. In your letter, describe what your typical day looks like. Consider details like:

  • The place where you live
  • The place where you work
  • The kind of routines you observe
  • The people you interact with
  • The kind of work you do

Talk about any challenges you faced in getting to your place in the professional world, and describe how you overcame those challenges. Examples might include figuring out what career path to choose after college or deciding whether or not to move to another state or country for a job or relationship. Then describe how you changed as a result of overcoming your challenges. Identify ways in which you grew and skills that you developed as a student that led to your success in this highly competitive field.

Before you start this exercise, think about what fashion industry path you plan on taking after graduation. Ask yourself what your dream job is. Be specific and apply the following guidelines:

  • Research the field, company, and location that you wish to work for.
  • Brainstorm all the details of your future life to help in the visualization process. Be detail-oriented.

Write your letter in appropriate letter format in a Word document. This letter should be around 400 words long, single-spaced.


This exercise will help you visualize your future goals. You will gain a more defined sense of where you plan to go after graduating.

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