please paraphrase this :

. A. The lecture emphasized on Martin Luther’s life which included the early and late subchapters of his life. It was also discussed his good and bad side and his impact on the Christian and Jewish world.

1. B.The emotional tone was controversial because people view things in so many different ways. Martin Luther brought much emotion to many people around the world as Mr. Dean Bell did in the Alumni Center. However, I thought he brought a humorous vibe and welcoming atmosphere.

2. One revelation that I took from the lecture was the seven point program for dealing with the Jews, and how violent and terrible it was. It really demonstrated how some people felt about the Jews and were not afraid to bear their opinion to everyone else in the world.

3. Dean Bell’s research as well as other people clearly shows that Luther’s writings had very little influence. Regardless whether Luther’s writing was read directly, it was talked about. The lack of publication does not negate the possibility of discussion or disseminate the ideas that he had on various topics.

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