Book review.

Should be answered direct in workseet, see attached. Thank you.

The Animal Ethics Reader – edited by Susan J. Armstrong und Richard G. Botzler

The Problem of Other Minds and its Consequences: What Grounds Ethics? & Trolleys, Switches and Bridges

Intentions and Consequences

FE- Ch 9, Ch 11 up to Assessing the Principle of Universalizability, Ch 12 up to Five problems with the Principle of Humanity, Ch 13 up to more advantages, Ch 16 up to A problem for Ross’ View, Ch 17 up to Objections & Ch 18 from The Ethics of Care to Challenges for Feminist Ethics. pp. 120-135, 160-166, 175-183, 194-203, 239-244, 256-266, & 282-287,

C – Hidden Brain Podcast: Can Robots Teach us What it Means To Be Human

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