I have attached my 1st draft to my Analysis Essay below:

When my professor looked over my draft, she said that I was summarizing too much and there was not enough of analyzing.

Can you add stuff/ fix my essay to make it more like an Analysis.

Make sure these questions are answered in the analysis essay:

  1. How does the author try to interest the reader?
  2. Do the support and evidence seem adequate? Is the support convincing to the reader? Does the evidence actually prove the point the author is trying to make?
  3. Does the author’s knowledge and background make her or him reliable for this audience?
  4. How does the author interest the audience? Does she or he make the reader want to know more?

Here is the video that I did my analysis essay on: https://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_m…

Change and do whatever you need to do to make my Analysis essay better. 🙂

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