Survey Sampling

Your small group project should include all of the elements listed below. Each group should elect one group member to post the final version of the small group project to the general Discussion board. Be sure to include the names of all group members.

After reviewing the survey scenario create and implications of designing your survey. Now answer the following:

  • Decide on the target population that would be most appropriate to survey
  • Make the case for doing a sample from this population
  • Determine the procedures for data collection
  • Identify potential sampling errors
  • Propose a plan for guarding against sampling errors

All work in APA format with proper citing


Few, S. (2009). Now you see it: Simple visualization techniques for quantitative analysis. Oakland, CA: Analytics Press. Chapter 5, “Analytical Techniques and Practices”

Few, S. (2012). Show me the number: Designing tables and graphs to enlighten. Oakland, CA: Analytics Press. Chapter 14, “The Interplay of Standards and Innovations”

Gonick, L., & Smith, W. (2015). The cartoon guide to statistics. New York, NY: William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins. Chapter 6, “Sampling”

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