student committee report

it an experiment thought on a philosophy book I don’t need to present this presentation how ever I’ll need to give five pages depending on the category requirements also to make it easy I’ll give a page or so on two students opinions and pretending that they are going to present it. Moreover, as it is mentioned in the category for the grading I need to connected to the real life like a personal examples or a story that happened. I’ll upload the thought experiment.

Student Committee Report Grading Rubric

Each student will receive an individual grade for each committee report based upon the

categories below. Grades will be accumulated and averaged for the course committee grade.

Category One: Did the student accurately represent the philosophical point in his or her


Category Two: Did the student advance the logical investigation of some aspect of the

philosophical point in a “pro” or “con” evaluative stance?

Category Three: Did the student connect the abstract philosophical point to some events in the

contemporary world in which the student lives?

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