APA Format. In-Text Citation with References.

You helped with ‘Introduction and Problem Statement’. I had to change the problem statement (will attach a copy). She said I needed to focus on strategic problem of meeting market demand and have the lithium batteries be one of that factors that contribute to that problem. I tried writing the ‘Strategic Analysis – Part 1’ on my own and the professor stated it was not good enough. I will need assistance in rewriting ‘Strategic Analysis – Part 1’ then lead into ‘Strategic Analysis – Part 2’. Part 2 will also need some formulas solved from Appendix B. I mentioned a couple formulas, but you can do a few of the formulas in “Strategic Performance Ratios” on pg. 302 (see attached). Also, I included the professor’s comments at the end of ‘Strategic Analysis – Part 1’ so you can see what she is asking for. She also stated the in-text citation with direct quotation marks need to have “para or pg” after the author and year.

So to be clear on what I am asking.
* Rewrite Strategic Analysis – Part 1 (roughly 1-1.5 pages)
* Write Strategic Analysis – Part 2 (roughly 7-8 pages)
***Page count does NOT include title page or References***

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