I need this lab put into a crows foot diagram. Ive posted the last one I did for a example. Screenshots are in the document provided

Using the AdventureWorks database, query “Sales.SalesOrderDetail” table to find out the total number of parts associated with each of the following SalesOrderIDs: 43660, 43670, and 43672. This task should be completed in a single query. Submit the SQL statement used to accomplish this task.

oHow many rows were affected?

9 Rows

oProvide a screenshot of the result set.

2. Query “Sales.Store” table to obtain the list of “Name” and “SalesPersonID” where the store name starts with the letters “g” through “j” and the SalesPersonID is greater than 283. Make sure that the list is sorted by “SalesPersonID” and then by “Name” fields in a descending order. Be sure the query returns all the required rows.

a.Submit the SQL statement used to accomplish this task.

The SQL Statement I used was thus:

SELECT Name, SalesPersonID

FROM Sales.Store

WHERE Store.Name >= ‘G’

AND Store.Name < ‘K’

AND SalesPersonID > 283

ORDER BY SalesPersonID, Name DESC;

b.How many rows were affected?

16 Rows

c.Provide a screenshot of the result set.

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