• Left 2 of my assignments till the last moment, therefore will not be able to complete both before the deadline. This is where I ask for your help. Please read and follow carefully ALL the information below. I will also supply a template with descriptions of how the research proposal should look like. You need to write a research proposal on “Racism” and it has to apply to New Zealand (eg. the refugee crisis, refugee housing, multicultural country, etc). The research proposal needs to have references to social and cultural psychology. I am in need of an exceptional quality work that I will thoroughly check before submitting my uni assignment, so please use correct grammar and spelling. The work needs to be plagiarism free and fully APA 6th referenced. I will tip generously if the set standards of work are met. If any questions arise – please ask. Cheers, Dennis
  • 1800 word research proposal on something social or cultural psych related (RACISM)
  • Two options:

1. A study (basic research)

•Experiment (lab or field), quasi-experiment, or correlational

•Test a theory or hypothesis

Resolve an issue or address a gap in our knowledge

2. An application (applied research)

•Apply our basic knowledge to a social problem

•Use what we know (from literature) to address issues in the real world

  • Introduction
    • Introduce the basic ideas, concepts, and theories
    • Why do we care about this topic?
  • Literature review
    • What past research has been done? What do we know at this point?
    • You need a minimum of 8 empirical articles (original research, not textbooks or review articles), but probably more
    • I recommend using the PsycInfo database (through the AUT library)
  • Predictions/hypotheses

What do you think is going to happen in your research?

  • Methods
  • – Overview of your research design
    *Include enough detail that another researcher can go out and replicate your experiment
    – Participants
    • Who are they?
    • How were they recruited?
    • Any special populations?
    • Any details that might affect your outcome
    – Materials
    • Any stimuli that participants were exposed to
    • Messages, pictures, etc.
    • Questionnaires, measures
    • If questions are used, include enough detail
    • Sample items, response scale, endpoints, reliability, reverse-scoring, etc.
    – Procedure
    • Step-by-step what the research entails
    • Walk the reader through what a participant would experience
    – If it’s applied research: How will we evaluate effectiveness?
  • Anticipated Results/Outcomes
    • How would you determine whether your hypotheses are confirmed?
    • What do you expect the pattern of results to look like? Include figures if relevant
  • Discussion
    • Assuming things turn out as expected, what will this mean in the big picture?
    • Relate your anticipated results back to past literature
    • How can we apply this to the real world?
    • What limitations are there in your research design?
    • Future directions: Where do we go from here?

Must be in APA style, including title page, etc. (see Purdue OWL website)

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