SOAP 8,9,10,11

SOAP Note Case , I uploaded an example, you can create your own case, with a person older than 40 years  . Including patient name initials , date of birth and all the examples of personal and medical history provided in the example uploaded, use my example just for guide. I need all the information wrote  in the example, No require references, PLEASE everything must be related because is the same case.PLEASE DON’T USE THE FOLLOWING DIAGNOSIS :NO HYPERTENSIONNO CERVICITISNO TUBERCULOSIS EXACERBATIONNO ASTHMA EXACERBATIONNO ACUTE PERICARDITISNO BronchioectasisWill be a TOTAL OF 4 SOAPS, PLEASE WHEN DONE WHICH EACH ONE, POST IT BY CASE # , NOT TOGETHER , IN SEPARATE DOCUMENTS.FOR EXAMPLE: SOAP 8, SOAP 9 AND LIKE THAT.BE AWARE OF THE DEADLINE BECAUSE I HAVE A END TIME FOR SUBMIT IT , IF TIME PASS IM SORRY BUT I WILL NOT NEED THE WORK AND THEN I HAVE TO DISPUTE.THANKS FOR HELP AND SUPPORT AND DEDICATION

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